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The 150th Anniversary Display, 2017

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the creation of the independent Hungarian Post Office and the issuing of its own stamps within the Austro-Hungarian Empire members of the Hungarian Philatelic Society of Great Britain created a focused 20-frame display at Autumn Stampex 2017 in London to illustrate Hungarian philately from the Habsburg times through to the present day. The display comprised:

Frame 1:                      The Hungarian Philatelic Society – its history and activities

Frame 2:                     The first issues of Hungary

Frame 3.                    The 1896 Hungarian Millennium Exhibition, and Telegram letter cards, an interesting innovation

Frame 4.                    Postal savings cards, and ‘Envelope’ issues on cover

Frame 5.                     Advertising postal stationery cards

Frame 6.                    Mail from Hungary to the UK, and  Captain Peterdi mail, operating out of Fiume, and  the 1900                                    change of currency and new stamps as illustrated by money letters

Frame 7.                     Hungary at war, 1914 – 1918

Frame 8.                     The occupation and break-up of Hungary, 1919 - 1923

Frame 9.                    Romanian occupation mail, 1918-1922

Frame 10                   The First Inflation period, 1920 – 1926

Frame 11.                  Pictorial postal stationery cards, 1930s

Frame 12.                  Hungarian commemoratives of 1940

Frame 13.                  The Second World War, 1938 – 1945, with Visszatért, field post, and censorship

Frame 14.                   The Second Inflation period, 1945 – 1946,

Frame 15.                   Hungary after 1950, with fun with thematics, and the 1956 Revolution

Frame 16.                   Hungarian railway post

Frame 17.                   Hungarian postage due

Frame 18.                   Hungarian revenue stamps, from the Gary Ryan collection

Frame 19.                   Members’ Favourites – a miscellany

Frame 20.                   Members’ Favourites – a miscellany

Hungarian Philatelic Society

of Great Britain

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