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Period 01.01.1900 to 30.9.1916

(Source: ‘Black Book’)

The total charge is made up of a basic charge and a charge for the sum insured (value fee). The basic charge corresponds to the equivalent cost of a registered letter of the same weight (12 f local, 20 f distance for up to 250 g, 10 f local, 25 f distance registration fee). Special money letter envelopes cost an additional 5 f.

Basic Fee

Declared Value Fee

Up to 75 Km

Over 75 Km

Handed over sealed (uncounted)

Handed over open (counted)





24 f

48 f

Up to 100 k

6 f

1000-1200 k

36 f

100-600 k

12 f

1200-1600 k

45 f

600-900 k

18 f

1500-1800 k

54 f

each 300 k

6 f

each 300 k

9 f

 12 f additional fee for post free