Ex Officio Hungarian Mail

Mail from a large number of offical and semi-official bodies carried no postal charge, but has to bear the words ‘Ex Offico, or Hivatalbol’, meaning official mail. This invoice is from the newspaper office of the ‘Budapesti Hirlap’ sent stampless from Pesth (original German spelling of Pest) to Kis-Czell via Vészprem on 19 December 1855. It is marked with the abbreviation ‘Ex Offo’ at the lower left to indicate free postage. It also has the mark ‘NACH ABGANG DER POST’ (after the departure of the post), so while datestamped on the same day as posted, it would not have left Pest until the following day. It has a transit datestamp of Vészprem of 21 December, and an arrival datestamp of Kis-Szell of 23 December.